Slide Quality Mine - We Dig VR Quality

Who are we?

We are a QA team focused only on Virtual Reality games, providing professional in-depth testing of VR games for all types of HMDs. Quality Mine supports the entire QA process on all VR platforms from start to finish.

  • An experienced team of professional testers.
  • We’ve been working with VR for over 7 years.
  • We have over 20 different types of HMD at our disposal.
  • We strive for quality in everything we do.

Team is a new brand from Carbon Studio experienced developer who feel that outsourcing QA for VR-exclusive titles is a great opportunity to grow.

What do we use?

  • Jira

  • TestRail

  • HacknPlan

  • Scheet… and more!

Each studio has its own task management system and we have made tremendous effort in learning and adapting to each and every one of those systems, so that our partners will remain comfortable throughout the entire QA process.

What do we do?

  • Functional and non functional tests (bugs! find them all)

  • Optimization tests – frame rate is crucial for VR – it’s worth checking it!

  • User experience QA (we’re providing the quality in a product ensuring the player will get the true gamer experience)

  • Worldwide focus test groups – we help in organizing focus tests from all over the world.

Why VR?

We see the continuous growth of the VR market – each year hardware companies provide new solutions – not only in hardware, but in software as well. It is both an opportunity for VR creators as well as a technological challenge, and it is in this challenge that we would like to help our clients. As Quality Mine, we have many years of experience in the gaming industry and VR applications – we want to use this knowledge to help other developers make the highest-class product in terms of quality and performance.


Contact us!

  • We can bring great quality testing for all VR needs
  • We are open to one-hit-wonder outsource QA, or a long partnership
  • We do custom pricing for titles
  • You can choose several segments of testing or the whole set depending on your needs

Main inbox contact for potential clients: